Tue, 17 Oct 2017


Nowadays, the story of “far away” hardly exists thanks to advancements of science and technology, a person may  stay in this place in the morning but just a few hours later came to another place thousands of kilometers from there. On the other hand, it also makes people always so busy with the job that sometimes we can not stop to make their own discretion such as there is an unignorable business trip on the day when is the birthday of their children, we can not return to share happiness but can rely on  flower-gift telephoning service to represent for us to send our children a present and a bunch of flowers to share the joy with our children at home in spite of hundred kilometers far from our place. Our children will be very happy, won’t they.


With flower-gift telephoning service of Flower 360°, we’ll be on behalf of you to transfer flowers – gift in form available on www.vinaflower.vn or each separate request to relatives or partners around the provinces of the country with affordable cost, free within Ho Chi Minh City with orders valued at 200,000 VND, and 50,000 VND in the suburb of Ho Chi Minh City per an address and other provinces is 100,000 per an address.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen !

To ensure the highest quality of flower-gift telephoning serviced, and timely transfer your message to the right subjects, please order in advance at least 24 hours and before 15:00 every day, especially on holidays you should order in advance at least 72 hours. Locations of flowers – gifts delivery shall be the addresses in the inner city, towns directly under province of 64 provinces in Vietnam with full information of receiver such as: name, address, phone number, because if we can’t contact, how can we deliver?